Dancing Goddess


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Dancing Goddess, Rouge/Copper

From ancient Egypt comes the dancing goddess. The figurine is seen in ceremonial dance, much like the shaman of many ancient people.  In order to contact the spirit world she communicates through meditative active trance, her arms up to the heavens to obtain messages and potent signs. She is young and vibrant, a symbol of fertility, sexuality and rebirth. The terracotta figurine in dated to 3500 BCE, her morphological face is birdlike in character and is thought to represent Isis in one of her many forms. In this era the great mother goddess was being replaced by a pantheon of gods and generations of male rule. These figurines would have been of great comfort to the women of these times. This empowered symbol of female joy reconnects us to the many stages of the life and the divine feminine.

Length:76cm, Knot firmly at designed length. made from painted porcelain, wood and coconut beads.

Ancient Realms, designed/handcrafted in Australia by Sharon Bush, B.A. History/Ancient History U.N.E.


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