I Ching – Progess and Prosperity, Orange


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I Ching – Progress and Prosperity 

Fire (above) & Earth (below)

This is the hexagram of progress that leads to prosperity. Take on sage advice, without comprising your principles. Work on the steady progress of your goals or community projects. Ask for assistance if needed and accept it with thanks. Give freely and compassionately – joy and wisdom are obtained this way. Step into the light of each new day and delight in its beauty. Your ideas are moving into manifestation; show your gifts to the greater world.

Summary: Progress, prosperity, rising power, creative force, business acumen, manifestation, joy and community spirit.  Symbols Age:  3000 years old.

The I (ee) Ching is a Chinese oracle in book form so people could talk to the gods and spirits. Author Wu Hsien – the Conjoining shaman, bought the oracle together through a variety of songs, chants, stories and spells.

Hand crafted porcelain – made in Australia

Cord Length: 75cm or tie to desired length.

Pendent dimensions:  4cm x 4cm

Ancient Realms designed by – Sharon Bush, B.A. History/Ancient History U.N.E