Altar Cloth, Buddha OM – Orange/Black

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Altar Cloth – Buddha OM, Orange/Black

Altar cloths can be used in your favourite seasonal ceremonies or as more permanent use in the home. Great for wall hangings, divination readings or table cloths!

The term Buddha means enlightened one or knower. To be considered a Buddha one must reach a state of wisdom known as Bodhi or enlightenment. The term Buddha is given to the founder of Buddhism, Siddartha Gautama (c.563–c.483 BC). He was a prince in what is now Nepal, he gave up his wealth and family to become an ascetic, and after achieving enlightenment while meditating, he taught all those who came to learn from him. OM is the first sound of creation – it is a sound, a breath, used in steady repetition in meditation to find enlightenment. OM represents the three states of the human condition – waking, dreaming and deep sleep. Om, therefore, represents both the un-manifest and manifest aspects of God.

Handcrafted cotton, made in India, hand wash only. Length: 118cm, width 75cm.

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