Winter is a great time for those personal or small group ceremonies. It may seem strange to have a ceremony for one, but there is something wonderful in the silence of the colder seasons. All you have to do is decide what you want to ask for or celebrate. There is no shortage of people who practice solitary rituals and ceremonial prayers of thanks giving. This is something anyone with good spiritual intent can do.

You can create a mini ritual for day or night. Make sure you have some time alone. Decide if you would like to do this indoors or outside. Gather what you need: Incense, smudge stick, candles, small contained fire (outdoor brazier or fire pit), symbolic ornaments or drawings, appropriate clothing, a table to set things up on, paper and pen, and music or instruments if desired.

If you are experienced you’ll have a rough routine to follow, if not, you could write a simple order of ceremony and a few sentences that express your thoughts feelings and purpose of the ritual. Always ask for protection in long meditative journey type ceremonies. Maybe you could call on god, goddess, universal source or soul in this type of practice. Your ceremony should be calm, beautiful and purposeful. Once it is complete, make a few notes if anything important has sprung to mind. Make sure any open flames are extinguished and let the rest of the day unfold naturally. Allow peace, joy and ceremony into your daily life.

Sharon D Bush

Writer Historian Artisan Sage