The Virus and You

A storm in raging; the rain filled skies move branches in alternate directions as the cleansing begins. The air is full of sound as wind chimes make desperate sounds in the fierce wind. Mother Earth is doing everything she can to maintain balance as millions of lives are altered forever.

When the virus first began it didn’t have a name. The emerging disease sent fear across nations and while some countries prepared, others felt untouchable. The insidious spread left people shocked as this sort of global experienced had not been seen for one hundred years. The great grandparents who experience this and survived are not here to teach us, though history and medical books explain the devastating influenza pandemic of 1918. Millions were lost to the global pandemics of our ancestors, all we can do is reflect, research and educate.

Our modern world should be capable of defending itself, but fighting the invisible is a problem we all have to face. Global pandemic unite all countries as they struggle through changed situations. Petty political squabbles mean little now, though negotiation for medical supplies in certainly apparent. The source of the virus must never be forgotten, we must learn from humanities disregard for animal life. This is a time for humanity to evolve and create new laws that separate animals from human contact and greed. We share this earthly existence with so many sentient beings, we are not the masters! The cost of disrespecting nature is paid for in human lives. At this point in history, with people confined to their houses, wild animals have their first reprieve from financially inspired assaults.

But for now, for you and your family, all that matters is compassion, understanding and togetherness. Isolation is different for everyone; some have families or friends in their households, others are alone. Communicating with comforting language can get us through this storm. Just a phone call, text or online meeting can bring heartfelt warmth to the situation. Meditation and contemplation of the situation can bring fourth the creative change that will take us forward. Few workplaces will be the same as we eventually reach a recovery stage; even cultural practices will have to shift to meet regulatory changes. This is everyone’s chance to start new as social change brings the sun back into dark places. Create a new world for yourself.  Smash old limitations!

Sharon D Bush

Writer   Historian   Artisan   Sage

Sharon D Bush, B.A. Double Major History/Ancient History University of New England