My primary school aged daughter recently asked me what a goddess is after watching a television commercial. It’s not always easy explaining the spiritual or moments of growth and empowerment to the very young, but what a wonderful question!

The young ladies version:

You are a goddess; you are beautiful, full of strength and personality.

You aren’t scared to try new things; you sing, dance and create.

You love to watch the changing seasons, flights of birds and gentle animals.

You have a certain magic and mystery about you.

You love to watch the stars and moon, and you always spot a rainbow or animals in the clouds.

You are so special!

The grown up version:

As above, plus a little extra: This neo-pagan movement emerged in the 1970’s in North America, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand. As women became aware of the many male dominated religions and began to search for the sacred, spiritual and feminine – they found beautiful and empowering goddesses to admire in many pagan cultures. The goddess movement has no strict guidelines and is without a central priestess or goddess (thought the ancient mother goddess is popular). This is a free flowing beautiful energy in every woman and she may use it in within a group or in daily life. This is a raw sensual power that is often missing for many women if they don’t break free of the confines of normality or oppressing situations. This is about freedom, friendship, self-love, empowerment and connecting to the natural world. You are needed more than ever! Rise up and govern this world – teach others to make wise decisions.

Sharon D Bush

Writer   Historian   Artisan   Sage