The Dragonfly


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The Dragonfly

The dragonfly’s speedy and agile flight lets it move up, down, left, right and hover with ease. They dance on water in their Joyous travels through the day, skimming lakes and rivers till sunset. The awe inspiring dragonfly accomplishes its objectives with simplicity and elegance. The dragonfly inhabits the realm of air and water and is an efficient hunter in both. The dragon fly has Illuminated iridescence on its wings and body that seem to alter depending on the light. The dragonfly asks you to discover your personal truth and be active in your quest. The dragonfly has amazing vision – so use your clarity and wisdom to live a life of your own creation. Be like the magical dragonfly as it gains practical skills and determination to further its ongoing quest.

Sharon Bush B.A. Ancient History/History U.N.E

 Instagram: @Sacred_Living   www.facebook/sacredlivingaustralia