Rune – Perthro


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Runes – Perthro

The Runes are magical in nature, but also a practical written language. It is thought that the alphabetical order of these symbols derives from the Etruscans in Northern Italy – in the border region of Switzerland and Austria. The Germanic Tribes in the Alps merged their symbols with the Etruscan form of writing to create a working system for their people. The runes were used for good luck, love, blessings, a good harvest, victory in battle (engraved in sword blades), and divination.

Perthro is a deeply mysterious rune with various meanings ascribed. Some believe it to be a dice cup; that life is a combination of security and the risks needed for future improvements. Dice cups were also used in fortune telling, but it wasn’t necessarily a fixed fate, but rather options to help one make sound decisions. Others believe this shape to be of a burial chamber entrance where sacred ceremonies and communication with the ancestors took place. In that case this is a rune of magic, meditation, trance, intuition and initiation into the mysteries. Perthro is also akin to the cosmic laws of Nordic Karma – cause and effect. Let your wisdom guide you!

Hand crafted porcelain – made in Australia

Cord Length:   66cm or tie to desired length.

Pendent dimensions:   3.3cm x  3.7cm

Ancient Realms designed by – Sharon Bush, B.A. History/Ancient History U.N.E