Gothic Style Necklace, Key


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Gothic Style Necklace, Key

Gothic style is having a popular renewal, favoured colour being black with intricate and mysterious detail. Gothic fashion became popular during the Elizabethan and Victorian Eras, 1940’s and 1990’s. Some of this attire and jewellery may have been and offshoot from long periods of bereavement, where black was to be worn for up to a year. The key holds many mysteries which can be unlocked if the wearer chooses to do so. We associate keys with treasure, gifts, spiritual enlightenment and the unknown. This romantic jewellery is lovely in the evening or for daywear.  Reveal your sensual feminine power in this classic style. Gothic style allows you to express your outward individuality.

Length: 92cm

Ancient Realms is designed and handcrafted in Australia by – Sharon Bush, B.A. History/Ancient History U.N.E


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