Rune – Thurisaz


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Runes – Thurisaz

The Runes are magical in nature, but also a practical written language. It is thought that the alphabetical order of these symbols derives from the Etruscans in Northern Italy – in the border region of Switzerland and Austria. The Germanic Tribes in the Alps merged their symbols with the Etruscan form of writing to create a working system for their people. The runes were used for good luck, love, blessings, a good harvest, victory in battle (engraved in sword blades), and divination.

Thurisaz means giant one, good one, frost giant or tall ones. Giants predated the gods of the North, though as time progressed they were seen as enemies that were bad or evil. This is a complicated runic symbol – it is thought to be Thor’s hammer, but earlier European tales speak of a king who locked away the sun in a tall tower for two month (possibly related to the ash of an erupted volcano that blocked out the sun). The sun was freed by a constellation of stars that holds a hammer (most probably Orion which was once known as Thor). This sign relays the importance of the coming of spring and the power to break through the cold ice for renewal of the land.  Celebrations were and still are held to induce the suns warmth. This symbol is also connected to thorn trees/bushes because they could protect themselves – this gave them magical qualities of protection. This talisman is about patients, renewal, growth, protection and challenges that can be overcome with spiritual empowerment.


Hand crafted porcelain – made in Australia

Cord Length:   66cm or tie to desired length.

Pendent dimensions:   3.3cm x  3.7cm

Ancient Realms designed by – Sharon Bush, B.A. History/Ancient History U.N.E