A New Focus on Love

So many of our daily tasks are centred on love, yet we really don’t talk or think about it much. Our sensitive emotions are sparked when we cared about others or if we see wonderful things that fill us with joy. We look at the night sky, vast oceans, birds flying above and new babies born with deep unending love. This understanding and belonging gives us peace. Equally love can also be defensive in nature, as we try to protect ourselves from the imbalances that impede our world. Because bad news often travels faster than good, our love and positive thoughts can easily darken. Without some form of self-love it is hard to get through the difficult times that we all eventually face. Love is the strength that keeps us going and smiling along the way.

As children we naturally know love and are taught what love is in the outer community. Before long we are told about those who do not know what love is and their wrongful intent to harm. This beginning of fear makes children tread carefully, they see the daily news and they know what is taking place. Guidance is crucial at these times; let children know that love gives them the strength to be themselves and change what they do not like about the world they see. Empowering children gives them what they need to flourish as they grow. Hiding the truth is not helpful as social interaction and multimedia quickly inform children in more drastic ways. Age appropriate information is an important decision for parents and guardians. Give children a way to show love towards people, plants and animals.

Trying to describe love as a basis to all things is difficult and belongs to the individual. Love is; joy, kindness, compassion, understanding, good relationships and life itself. If angry people and global situations like war, climate change and environmental destruction are distressing you, find love and express love to renew your energy and create calm. We cannot ignore the problems that need to be solved, but we can speak to people, even strangers on social media with respect. Hate has never produced anything useful. If we want to live in healthy communities, we need to take guidance from love. Let love flow in and around you, there is enough to go around. This is not a blind ignorant love; it’s an awareness of growth and compassion that we take with us. Love is the ultimate creator.

If you have a special interest, you continue because you find the activity joyful. As long as this activity does not cause harm to any living creature, it is worthy of pursuit. Equally in our employment, there must be some element of love for that job; otherwise it is hard to continue in that role without damaging your mental health in the long run. Occupations that continue to damage the environment, the very planet that keeps us alive, must continue to be phased out. Love for our planet has never been more important.

Daily love and appreciation makes people strong, happy and productive. Notice love in others, in the things they do and say. Be the love you want to see in the world-wide community. Say the word love, more often. Love is who we are, what we desire and how we express ourselves. Focus on the spiritual love that makes us better people.