Ceremonies are a celebration of the various milestones in life. Some ceremonies are solemn and sacred, while others are full of joy and dancing. We work and study hard and deserve to revel in those special moments!

Over the last ten years there has been an upsurge in public cultural ceremonies that all are invited to. In the past many festivals were only for those of the inner circle, but now there is a strong spirit of inclusion for anyone interested. This shows an enlightened and peaceful offering that creates greater communication and understanding.

Many families have begun to look at their heritage and now celebrate something of that culture. This is even more important in younger countries where people know very little about their family history. Ceremonies within personal heritage remind us that we belong to something greater than ourselves – family and community!

Hope you enjoy the planning and rejoicing of your next ceremony. Make it beautiful and memorable.

Sharon D Bush

Writer Historian Artisan Sage