With stores flooded with factory produced goods, people are considering what their purchases mean. Though many can be obtained at a reasonable price quality is diminishing and ethics have been questioned. Due to this people are making conscious choices about how and where things are made before they buy. With this in mind the artisan is making a steady return.

Around the globe quality handcrafted goods with boundless creativity are emerging. Humanity has always been inspired by the natural world around them and this is now paired with ethical standards that are fair to those concerned. We began drifting from the handcrafted product many years ago in our rushed lives, but now our shopping centres are full of chain stores with lesser quality goods that have no soulful connection.

Next time you visit a market, gallery or shop where you desire something of beauty, quality and originality, treasure it! Sometimes these pieces cost a little more, though well worth it when you consider the joy they bring and longevity. If you are an artisan, keeps that steady flow of motivation going. There is nothing more delightful than the process of thought, plan, action and completion.

Have fun with your collecting, trading, creating and new discoveries!

Sharon D Bush

Writer Historian Artisan Sage