Autumn is a season of colour and preparation. We barely notice animals preparing for winter unless we know the signs, that of course is more obvious in snow covered continents. The crowning glory of trees in red and amber flaunt their magnificence in the last days of autumn. As winter arrives it is a time when growth goes underground for many plant and animal species. We also have that slightly slower metabolism, a time to relax where possible and nourish our bodies and replenish dormant energies.

All the earths’ creatures need to rest and this is the time to do that. We all need to learn to relax again in the way that suits us best. Simplicity is the key word for this season! Reading books, gentle walks, warm blankets, hot soup, enriching wine, open fires and restful contemplation suits the autumn winter conjunction. The autumn queen hands the baton to her winter sister and the magic begins. Tiny creatures rustle through the leaves in an effort to get seeds, nuts and green shoots for storage. Bright red toadstools and mushrooms make themselves known as they rise to the soft light.

It is time for us to celebrate the coming of the new season, so create a feast of your favourite vegetables, bread and wine to toast the coming of winter, and the gods and goddesses of the season. Light some candles and say a thankful prayer for the changes that must occur and what plans you have to enjoy the days ahead. Celebrate family, friends and the place you call home. Celebrate yourself and your generous loving heart, for that is the centre of your soul. Be who you are in the seasons of mystery.

Sharon D Bush

Writer Historian Artisan Sage

Sharon D Bush, B.A. Double Major History/Ancient History University of New England