Welcome to the Sacred Living website! This site plans to bring you handcrafted products that are of a symbolic, ceremonial and spiritual nature with ethical production in mind.

Throughout history our ancestors used visions, insight and sacred geometry to manifest the symbolic glyphs that have come down to us today. These sacred symbols were imbued with deep spiritual meanings and it is no accident that the first forms of jewellery where talismans. These meaningful amulets had magical qualities and were made from humble wood and pottery to the rich jewels of Queens and Kings.

Symbols can represent the sun, moon and stars, Goddesses and Gods, emblems and representations within religions, causes that represent the people and chemical components like earth and water. Symbols make things easier to understand for the general populous and you will be surprised how many you see in daily life and on television and social media. Modern symbols are created with great care for extra potency in order to create commercial success. Most organisations, community groups and schools have some sort of symbol that is created to represent their purpose or beliefs. Spiritual symbols can come to you in meditation, or you may suddenly find you are drawing one that seems familiar – why not consider its meaning, it can be quite revealing.

Hope you enjoy the Sacred Living website!

Sharon D Bush
Writer Historian Artisan Sage