Spiritual Renewal in 2021

The experiences of 2020 have given us time to think and contemplate. Abrupt disturbances to the flow of daily life always bring change. When the world’s problems reach our home towns, lessons are learned in fast drastic ways. We have the capacity to adjust like our ancestors did so many times before. Bringing forth that deep spiritual nature within us has never been more important. Humanity can be profoundly inspiring and creative for the good of all in visionary eras. Moving away from self-centredness is essential for productive communities. Moral fortitude by example will teach right actions to the young. Aggrandising corrupt individuals will meet its end as streams of exposure reach legal outcomes.

As individuals we need to find our spiritual renewal in 2021. Calmness and clarity make firm foundations for our daily lives. Choose love and let it be your guide in the changes we are all making. Do not fight the changes that come with difficult years, create solutions that work for you and your family. Give thanks that you are alive and have the capacity to transform when needed. Honour the dear departed, light a world candle and remember what made individuals so special. Immerse yourself in meditation, in-depth reading, spiritual practices and the natural environment until you reach a place of awareness. Remove any facades and be yourself.

Do right by mother Earth in your daily activities, reverse the damage that’s been done.

Do right by the animals under constant threat of extinction and harm.

Do right by other people; treat them as you would like to be treated.

Do right in your employment; transition to work that does no harm to the living.

Do right in your language; use positive and encouraging words.

Do right by yourself; be calm, kind and continue your personal quest.


Sharon D Bush

Writer   Historian   Artisan   Sage

Sharon D Bush, B.A. Double Major History/Ancient History University of New England