Wedding Charm Wreath/Flower – Eternity/Growth


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Wedding Charm – Wreath/Flower

Eternity & Growth

Wedding Charms are given to the bride after she is married – usually when the ceremony is over. These symbols of luck, love, growth or transformation are hung on the bride’s wrist as a special token of love and friendship for the new bride.

The wreath is a symbol of eternity and victory. The wreath, first of all, has a circular shape – without beginning or end. This is symbolic of the continuum of life or eternity. The wreath is also a sign of victory in Ancient Greece and Rome – and it is indeed a special occasion when two people find each other and plan their future life together.

The flower will always be a symbol of life in bloom; that life is flourishing as it should. There is something delightful about budding flowers and their delightful colours. The flower symbolises, youth, transformation, love, fertility and beauty. Flowers are a very special part of a wedding ceremony for this reason.  

Ribbon Loop Wrist Length:  28cm

Heart Dimensions:   8.5cm x  8.5cm 

Ancient Realms designed by – Sharon Bush, B.A. History/Ancient History U.N.E