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Talisman of Protection & Spiritual Growth

Pentacle: The pentacle is symbol of protection and wish fulfilment with a long history. In the ancient near eastern civilisations it represented the planet Venus. It was popular among the Sumerians in who saw it as the four corners of the earth and heaven above. In Pythagorean mysticism it symbolized the human being.  The Druids saw it as a symbol of the Godhead. The pentagram has been reclaimed by neo-pagans as positive symbol expressing the mysticism of their beliefs. Bless this home with Protection and happy wishes.

Runic Protection: This symbol of protection focuses on the four points; North, South, East and West. This runic symbol was used to protect the individual, house or object it was written on. This is four Elhaz symbols joined together for greater potency. The Elhaz rune is said to represent the power of the elk antlers and also symbolises a person standing with arms strength out to the heavens asking for guidance. This symbol of protection is balanced like guardians shielding you. Bless this home with protection and spiritual guidance.

Spiral: The Spiral is a symbol of life, growth, fertility and Infinity. The spiral is one of the oldest geometric shapes in the ancient world. Spiral petroglyphs can be found on ancient mother goddess figurines, rock art and cave paintings that date to the Neolithic period. The spiral can be seen in all form of nature – ferns, shells, whirlpools, hurricanes and infinite galaxies. The spiral is a symbol of life growing and unfolding. Bless this home with Growth and wisdom.

This home talisman can be used near the front door or outdoor area (undercover). It can also be used indoors.

Length: 48cm. Length: 14cm. Made from wood, linen, dridtwood and metal bells.

Ancient Realms, designed/handcrafted  in Australia by Sharon Bush, B.A. History/Ancient History U.N.E.


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