Stupa Incense Nepal – Austha Suganda


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Stupa Incense Nepal – Austha Suganda

Austha Suganda Incense in rectangular Lokta Paper Tube, each tube has: 15 x  Incense sticks (each one approx 10cm long)- burn time is approximately 30 mins per stick. 1x Incense Burner. This incense is prepared using Buddhist incense making techniques. Natural herbs, plants, leaves and tree barks like valerian, liquorice and others are blended to create this beautiful incense.

Meaning: Austha is a sanskrit word that roughly translates to “faith”, whilst suganda translates to one of the four fragrances as defined in the Dharma-Samgraha, which is an extensive glossary of Buddhist terms in Sanskrit, written by a monk in 2nd century AD. The scent helps us to connect with the purity of our spirit and our innate knowledge that we are part of the whole universe.

Packaging:  Stupa Incense have created packaging with a lovely modern twist that beautifully honours an incense with an ancient tradition. The 100% recyclable lokta paper tube.

Tube size:  L 11.5cm x 2cm W.

Handmade in Nepal

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