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Strahan Inspirations, Earrings, Green/Brown

Strahan is a small village in the heart of an ancient forest wonderland. The old world atmosphere is like stepping back in time where nature still has that untouched beauty. It is something worth fighting for when thousands of people ban together to save the Franklin and Gordon Rivers from a proposed dam. The people campaigned and won, bringing worldwide attention to the pristine environment. Before European settlement the Lowreenne and Mimegin indigenous people, known as the Toogee, looked after the land. During the last Ice Age, sea levels fell and Aboriginal people were able to move from mainland Australia, to Tasmania via a land bridge 15,000 years ago. These early people left evidence of their habitation in Kutikina Cave, an Aboriginal rock art shelter near the Franklin River. Shelters, shell middens and many other artefacts made this a UNESCO World Heritage site. There were many conflicts as European settlement continued to expand and Aboriginal people died of western diseases. The remaining indigenous people were sent to Flinders Island in the 1830s, away from their places of birth. The government thought it might ensure their survival, it had minimal success and the remaining population were transported back to Oyster Cove. The early government also created brutal convict colonies in Tasmania; in Strahan they were used to log the magnificent Huon Pines for ship building and mine for silver and zinc at Queenstown, Mt Lyell and Zeehan. Many tried to escape. Today the history, healing and growth continue towards a non-discriminatory future. Strahan attracts many visitors because of its pristine environment, wild beaches, huge sand dunes, beautiful rivers, waterfalls, unique animals and family adventures in the rain forest on the West Coast Wilderness Railway.

Length: 83cm. Made from wood and coconut. Hypoallergenic earring wires.

Ancient Realms is designed and handcrafted in Australia by Sharon Bush, B.A. History/Ancient History U.N.E.


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