Spiritual Bunting – Mystic Nature

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Spiritual Bunting – Mystic Nature

Bunting is displayed for its symbolic, spiritual or attractive qualities. Bunting can be part of the décor in bedrooms or lounge rooms, used outdoors for parties, or be displayed in a garden or undercover area.


Trees are a delightful part of our glorious planet. They provide clean air, water and stop erosion. Without the forests civilization would not have evolved very far. Trees have a wise and spiritual beauty like guardians in the landscape watching over plant, insect, animals and humans. Our job now is to protect old growth forests like the treasures they are and use sustainable timbers for housing. Show your wisdom by planting a tree in your home or the next public tree planting.

Geometry or patterns are a natural part of life on Earth! Our ancestors looked to the stars and the land to created measurements so they could build their ancient temples, buildings and houses. In other words, these were not just buildings they were spiritual dwellings. In was unusual in some cultures to have a family god/goddess to protect the household. With many eco homes now being built or older homes fitted with environmental products – we are now coming full circle. We understand that a home is a spiritual dwelling of peace, comfort and security.

Wheat and other grains are a staple food across the planet. Agriculture helped grow villages into cities allowing people to thrive. When daily survival was achieved creativity emerged. With imagination business ideas reached fruition allowing import and export to unite distant communities. Sharing a humble meal is still a peaceful celebration!

The Moon that is either waxing (getting Larger) or waning (getting smaller) is a beautiful sight in the evening sky. Temples were built to many moon goddesses/gods; the daily altering of the moon would have been magical to our ancestors. The calendar was formed from these reliable changes and farmers learned to plant crops to these phases. Because the moon has the power to move tides, it also creates change in our moods or emotions because the human body is more than sixty percent water. Make time to see a full moon rise on a clear night, just as it rises above the land or water!

Hand crafted in Australia

Cord Length:   360cmcm

7 cotton Flags fixed in place, one sided, dimensions:   20cm x  22cm

Ancient Realms designed by – Sharon Bush, B.A. History/Ancient History U.N.E