Peace Sign – Blue/Green


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Peace Sign

The Peace sign is an empowering symbol with a political history. The peace symbol came into existence in 1958, but at this time it didn’t stand for peace; it was a British-derived symbol representing the anti-nuclear movement; a movement which rallied together against British testing of nuclear weapons. The symbol is a combination of the semaphore signals for the letters "N" and "D," standing for "nuclear disarmament". It eventually travelled to America in the 60’s where it became a popular symbol of peace that represented Nuclear Disarmament. Peace being preferred to any possible destruction, loss of life and pollution of the earth. Freedom loving individuals have used this symbol for 50 years to express their beliefs of a harmony, equality, justice and peace. 

Hand crafted porcelain – made in Australia 

Cord Length:   50cm or tie to desired length.

Pendent dimensions:   3.8cm x  3.8cm

Ancient Realms designed by – Sharon Bush, B.A. History/Ancient History U.N.E