Owl of Wisdom – Black & Lime


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Owl of Wisdom – Black & Lime

The owl has always been associated with wisdom because of its links to the Goddess Athena and Roman counterpart Minerva. The owl is a nocturnal and majestic bird of prey scanning its nightly domain for movement. The owl looks wise because its round eyes and quizzical expressions give the impression of a scholar hard at work. The owl was associated with many ancient cultures as a messenger between this world and after life. The hoots and screeches of the owl made it a bird of mystery, secrets and divine information. The moon and the owl go together creating the ideals of the sacred feminine. The owl has amazing hearing, eyesight, camouflage and succinct flight skills. The owl represents study, spiritual wisdom, messages, the afterlife, skill, protection, mystery and magic.

Hand crafted in Australia

Cord Length:   78cm

Pendent dimensions:   4cm x 4.5cm

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