Ostara Festival – Flower Earrings


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Ostara Festival – Flower, Pink

Ostara is a Celtic/European nature festival that celebrates new life in spring. The trees are green, flowers bloom and birds wait for their eggs to hatch. It is not long before baby birds appear and test their wings. The theme of spring conquering winter is universal! Ostara is a spring fertility festival with symbols of the sun, eggs, hare (or rabbit), first flowers and the goddess. Celebrate with daffodils, tulips, Iris’s or indigenous flowers in your garden or woodlands. Eggs are painted, Ostara trees are decorated, hot buns are made with the sun wheel cross on them. The Christians adopted and merged pagan Ostara with Easter in order to convert more people to Christianity. Many of the cultural Celtic/European nature festivals are not lost, but in plain sight. Celebrate with all the pretty Ostara/Easter colours with a picnic or gathering at your home. Be thankful that life thrives and always protect nature.

Southern Hemisphere: 22nd September – Northern Hemisphere: 21st March

Length: 6cm. Made from painted porcelcain and glass beads. Surgical steel earring wires.

Ancient Realms, designed/handcrafted porcelain made in Australia by Sharon Bush, B.A. History/Ancient History U.N.E.


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