Medieval Style Cross Necklace, Fawn/Silver/Brass


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Medieval Style Cross Necklace, Fawn/Silver/Brass

Medieval times were dark, mysterious and dramatic, 1066-1485. This era was marked by Catholic domination, the Crusades, Black Death, Battle of Hastings, War of the Roses, Medieval Fuedal System, English Castle Building, Doomsday Book and Magna Carta. Medieval knights wore crosses on their armour as they travelled to take-back Jerusalem. The cross was a ray of hope in a harsh era. 

The cross holds a deep spiritual empowerment for those dedicated to the Christian faith and peaceful message of Jesus. The cross has a pure and protective quality that wards of negative energies. The cross is a symbol of faith, love and dedication to Christians throughout the world.

Made in Australia

Necklace Length: 90cm

Ancient Realms designed by – Sharon Bush, B.A. History/Ancient History U.N.E

 Sharon Bush B.A. Ancient History/History U.N.E   Instagram: @Sacred_Living   www.facebook/sacredlivingaustralia