Lucky Number Nine – 9


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Lucky Number Nine – 9

Numerology is the ancient science of numbers and their symbolic meaning. Plato called it ‘the highest level of knowledge’ and ‘the essence of cosmic and inward harmony.’ Pythagoras said that ‘numbers rule all things.’ The Chinese regarded numerology as the key to harmony that governed heaven and earth. Numbers are the first sign of emerging ancient tribes – then began trade, monetary systems, geometry and civilisation. Over time numbers became associated with meanings and may be associated with events, religion, prosperity and luck. Your life path number is calculated on your birth date, but being highly attracted to a certain number is just as important.

Nine is the number of completion, achievement and satisfaction. Once great things have been obtained it should be shared with the greater world. This is the number of the master who has long outgrown his/her apprenticeship and can take joy from that journey. Nine is a highly spiritual number representing, awareness, intelligence, influence and wisdom. A nine person has the proficiency to teach others and help them along the way.

Hand crafted porcelain – made in Australia

Cord Length:   70cm or tie to desired length.

Pendent dimensions:   3.5cm x  3.5cm

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