Knights Templar Cross – Red/White


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Knights Templar Cross Pendant – White/Red

The Knights Templar was a powerful religious and military order in the middle ages. The Poor Knights of Christ and the Temple of Solomon was founded by Hugues de Payens and eight companions in Jerusalem 1118. Each knight took an oath to protect pilgrims as they travelled to the Holy Land and received a red cross to sew on their white tunics. Red crosses (St Georges Cross) were painted on shields and flags as a means of protection and recognition. Though this Catholic organisation was for poor knights they became quite wealthy towards the end of their authority becoming the pioneers of banking. As the Templar order grew the church began to feel threatened, especially with their military prowess. In 1312 Pope Clement V abolished the order and Templar leaders were put to death and documents burned, though they were still faithful to the Church. The discovery of the Chinon Parchment in 2002, states that the Templars were forgiven in 1308, but the Pope did not circulate the document. These well-meaning Templars had many enemies, but are long remembered for the Crusades, spiritual mysteries, building of Churches and the conspiracies that surround them.

Hand crafted porcelain, Length: 56cm. Ancient Realms is designed and handcrafted in Australia by – Sharon Bush, B.A. History/Ancient History U.N.E

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