Hummingbird Earrings, Amber


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This amazing tiny hummingbird is capable of traveling large distances and can hover in many directions in order to get nectar. This iridescent energetic bird is a joy to watch as it hovers in mid-air as it wings become almost invisible. The wings beat 80 times per second making it sound like the humming of bees. In the indigenous Americas this little bird is a symbol of hope, luck and can often represent messages from the ancestors. There are 360 species of Hummingbirds with the majority in the tropics. The female is in charge of nest building and feeding the young, the eggs are the smallest in the world making the nest so tiny it is hardly noticeable to humans.

The hummingbird is a symbol of light, energy, travel, joy, luck, hope, intelligence, resurrection and healing.

Length: 5cm

Ancient Realms is designed and handcrafted in Australia by Sharon Bush, B.A. History/Ancient History U.N.E.


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