Flower Crown – Dusty Pink

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Flower Crown – Dusty Pink

Flower crowns are used to celebrate seasonal festivals in spring, summer and autumn. The origins of headpieces decorated with flowers dates back a few thousands of years in Europe to celebrate courtship, love, marriage and fertility. Flower, leaf or harvest wreaths/crowns were the fashion when honouring the gods on their special days. The popular Greek laurel leaf garland was reserved for the elite, especially the Caesars, the Gods, and sporting star of the early Olympics. Flower crowns are a standard part of the Celtic spring festivals like Beltane, which celebrates fertility of the land, animals and people. Weddings are celebrated with flower headdress in various cultures. Music and cultural festivals have become the place to wear colourful flowers in your hair.

Length: Adjustable fit. Firm wire backing of headpiece with ribbon to tie at back. Fits teens and adults. Made in China.

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