Egg Decoration, Easter/Ostara, Aqua/Pink

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Egg Decoration, Easter/Ostara, Aqua/Pink

Easter is a celebration of rebirth where Jesus is the focus and eggs, chickens, rabbits and the cross are a part of cultural observances. Though Easter is a Christian celebration many of the cultural practices come from the European celebrations of Ostara. Ostara is a spring fertility festival using eggs as a symbol of new life.  Easter is a spring religious event, though in the Southern Hemisphere it is held in autumn and Ostara is held in spring as it should be for the southern hemisphere. Honouring new life is a worthy goal and helps people reconnect to nature. Use your paper-mâché egg to create an Ostara tree or decorate your table/altar with eggs and flowers.

Paper Mache, 7cm x 5cm. This is a fair trade product made by Artisan Effort, West Bengal, India.

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