Celtic Keepsake/Jewellery Box – Horse


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Celtic Horse – Epony

The knots, plait-work or weaving are a stunning feature of Celtic spiritual artwork. The weaving patterns represent the tribal migrations, spiritual devotion and travels through life.  The never-ending knot work shows the past, present and unknown future from birth to the migration of the soul. These beautiful designs have a European heritage in Celtic pagan and Christian culture – especially in Ireland, England, Wales, Scotland, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland and Italy. The Irish Book of Kells and the Lindisfarne Gospels are great examples of Christian Celtic artistry.

The horse is a regal and energetic symbol of the Celtic people. The horse Goddess Epona was worshiped in Celtic Gaul and spread to Britain, Ireland, Rome and Western Europe. Shrines for the mare Goddess are focused on fertility and may be link to early mother goddess figures. The horse was a dependable friend to all tribal people. Horse’s were  prestigious animal that did practical daily chores, but due to their beauty and strength in war they became a symbol of the elite in Celtic society.

Size: 27 x 19cm and 10cm deep. 

Handmade and painted craft-wood box, made in Australia by Highland Handcrafts.

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