Butterfly Earrings, Lime


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Butterfly Earrings

The Butterfly is a symbol of transformation. Its unique stages of alteration express the changes we all go through, though our transformation is less obviously because of humanities long lifespan. The butterfly is an empowering symbol in myth and religion; in the Chinese and Hopi traditions it was a symbol of a happy marriage. The early Christian’s believed the butterfly was a symbol of the soul. In stories and fables the appearance of butterflies created magical moments. The Butterfly is a symbol of joy, colour and the dance of life. It is up to the individual to work with the changes before them or transform. The butterfly is a joy to watch as it flits from tree to flower – a favourite of children and adults.

Length: 5cm

Ancient Realms is designed and handcrafted in Australia by Sharon Bush, B.A. History/Ancient History U.N.E.


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