Beltane Festival – Heart Earrings


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Beltane Festival – Heart Earrings, Pink

Beltane marks spring in its full flourishing. Beltane is a well-known fire festival celebrating love, lust, flowers, the sun-fire, creativity, protection, mystical connection and transformation. The May Queen scatters hawthorn flowers to attract the Green Man so they can be together in wild divine love. Fertility naturally follows and earth is renewed. The maypole dance on the following day is a fertility rite. The hawthorn tree with its white flowers and sharp thorns is sacred to Beltane. Hawthorn bushes are said to be entrances to the magical Otherworld. Love is so precious, especially in the form of a life partner, someone with a spark of joy that understands you. Connect to spirit during Beltane and find that universal love. Gather your family or spiritual circle of friends; create your outdoor fire, have your vegetable feast ready, dress in Beltane colours and flower crown, create some activities for spiritual empowerment and transformation. Ask Bel the sun God for healing. Celebrate in the evening, followed by a day of nature appreciation.

Southern Hemisphere: 31st October – 1st Nov – Northern Hemisphere:  1st May

Length: 6cm. Made from painted porcelcain and stone beads. Surgical steel earring wires.


Ancient Realms, designed/handcrafted porcelain made in Australia by Sharon Bush, B.A. History/Ancient History U.N.E.


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