Australian Animal Spirit – Kangaroo


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Australian Spirit Animals – Kangaroo

The Kangaroo is a strong, resilient social and fertile animal. Australia developed some highly unique creatures on the large isolated continent. The female Kangaroo is a marsupial with a pouch to protect its young – she can have a joey out of the pouch, a smaller one in the pouch and an embryo in a dormant state. Male Kangaroo’s fight or box each other to gain the acceptance of a female. Kangaroos usually gather in mobs, rather like a large social group, safety in numbers is its creed! The kangaroo is often seen in a relaxed state unless it is alarmed or disturbed. Kangaroo’s communicate through clicking, hissing or growling noises. Kangaroos are 5 to 6 metres tall and live to 12 years in the wild.

Summary: Family, Fertility, Strength, intuitive instincts, forward motion and resilience.

Cord length: 62cm, tie to desired length.

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