Australian Animal Spirit – Emu


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Australian Spirit Animals Emu

The Emu is tall flightless bird with soft brown feathers, a confident attitude and curious nature. Australia developed some highly unique creatures on the large isolated continent. The emu is nomadic and can run at great speeds. The emu is the largest bird in Australia and second largest bird in the world. Though the Emu is a flightless bird, it does use its wings for balance when running. Emus live in the woodlands or grasslands that are inland or along the coast where they forage for food. The male build the nest, the female lays her eggs and the male bird takes over and raises the young, though some family units are known to stay together and share the parental duties. The female can have several clutches of eggs in the breeding season. The male emu is extremely protective of its young and can be aggressive if anyone gets too close.  Emus live for approximately 20 years.

Summary: extroverted, proud, curious, fertile, family focused, protective and determined.

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