Australian Animal Spirit – Echidna


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Australian Animal Spirit – Echidna

The Echidna has character, good instincts and knows how to protect itself. Australia developed some highly unique creatures on the large isolated continent. The echidna is a stocky, spiny anteater with a short tail, native to Australia and New Guinea. It is covered in fur and spines and has a distinctive snout and a specialized tounge, to catch its insect prey at great speed. Like the other monotremes –mammals the short-beaked echidna lays an egg that stays within her until it hatches and makes its way into the pouch. The mother eventually builds a den for her baby until it is old enough to be independent. When an Echidna is disturbed by its enemies, it curls up into a ball and wedges itself tightly into a crevice, or digs downwards into the earth until only its spines are visible. They are shy, slow-moving animals that can live up to fifty years. Summary: unique, wise, instinctive and protective.

Cord length: 62cm, tie to desired length.

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