Altar Cloth, Mandala – Navy/Carnelian


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Altar Cloth – Mandala Peacock Feathers, Navy/Carnelian

Altar cloths can be used in your favourite seasonal ceremonies or as more permanent use in the home. Great for wall hangings, divination readings or table cloths!

The mandala is an ancient circular pattern with intricate design and meaning that originates in the religions and culture of Tibet and India. Mandalas are symbolic of the cosmos – of all that is seen and unseen. The creation of sand, painted or drawn mandalas are usually made in an almost meditative state. The goal of the mandala is to serve as a visual tool in meditative and spiritual practices. The mandala asks us to understand life in greater perspective within the universe.   Mandalas represent wholeness, unity, harmony and eternity. However, every mandala has a unique meaning. Activate your mandala in a meditation – this is your unique luminous universe in which to explore.

Handcrafted cotton, made in India, hand wash only. Length: 98cm, width 75cm.

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