Through religion and good manners people are taught that asking for something is an uncouth sin that should not be uttered. It’s no wonder that so many suffer in silence when others are willing to share. This is of course bad for manifesting the things you want in your life. If you send your desires out into the ether, but the voice in your head says you do not deserve it or shouldn’t ask for it, then it won’t happen. Why not make a manifestation card. Get a small piece of cardboard. Think of six things you want to manifest in 2018. Say them out loud in a mini ceremony and five minute meditation. Stick your manifestation card on the wall or fridge where you can be reminded. Be firm about what you want, say it out loud on New Year’s Day.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with empowering yourself! Never forget how much natural magic there is in you. Repel negative influences in 2018, send any anger out into the universe, it’s not yours and you don’t have to wear it.

Express love, compassion and strength in 2018. Dark corners of humanity will continue to come to light as has been the case for the last few years.  Exposure brings learning, protection and help for those in need. This continues to lift people to a new level of purity in heart and mind.

At this point we begin to continue as a species, with an emphasis on improving life on our planet as a group, not only as sole individuals. Humanity fighting humanity for resources must end. Global greed and envy are destroying parts of our planet. There is enough food and housing to go around if we share and place limits on abusive governments.

We are sensitive beings even when we say we are not! There is no escaping natural physiology; we have created so many things to protect our physical body and gentle emotions. Rise above in 2018; see what is real and what is not. Go with peace and kind-heartedness.


Sharon D Bush

Writer   Historian   Artisan   Sage

Sharon D Bush, B.A. Double Major History/Ancient History University of New England